enhances flow of light and air

Interior Design

Beautiful Streamers Interiors offers Gorgeous Silks to bring flow and movement to your otherwise still environment. Your world and thoughts are always moving. Why have your personal space limited by stillness? You only have three surfaces in your home: Floors, Walls and Ceilings. We are the only interior design company that just does ceilings! We can eliminate that annoying echo that comes with having high ceilings (for sound reduction). Beautiful Streamers Silks look fantastic in your high living room overhead or hung lower near lamps and windows and in corners.

119 Chandelier Art

We recommend silks that are 20 inches wide. Use Beautiful Streamers around bath tub, bed or hallway. Large Silk Panels (6 inches wide) can be sexy and interactive to play and dance in too! We like to combine bright colors with earth tone colors such as black, gold, brown and grey. Make your home look like something in a movie.